Magic Guy

Magic Workshops and Study

Come to Guy the Magician to enjoy a super-exciting workshop and learn all about magic!

1. The Magic workshop
The hour-long workshop is suitable for children over the age of 5. Using everyday materials available in every home, Guy teaches the children the same magic tricks he demonstrated on the Children’s TV Channel – plus a few extras.

At the end the children have an opportunity to show off their newly acquired skills to the other newly trained “magicians” at the workshop. This is a great way for children to spend a fun day while also boosting their confidence, challenging their creativity and developing their imagination. The workshop is designed for schools, kindergartens, community centers, shopping malls, leisure centers, corporate happenings and team-building days.

2. Private Magic Lessons
Guy the Magician also offers private magic lessons to children aged 9 or over (3rd grade and up).
Lessons range from beginners level to advanced, right up to application for membership of the Israeli Society of Magicians. The lessons are intended for children who take their magic seriously (“magic freaks” like Guy himself!) and dream of performing in front of friends and other audiences, not just for fun, but to earn some money too….

There are three different types of private lessons:
1) Basic Magic Course – 12 sessions + one bonus session free of charge. This basic level magic course teaches the principles of the world of magic.
2) Comprehensive Advanced Course – 24 sessions + one bonus session free of charge.
3) Private lessons on a one time basis, or several times.

No need to learn from Harry Potter – Guy’s closer to home!

Much closer to home – all private lessons are held in Givataim.
Each session lasts an hour and a half.
Lessons can be held weekly, two-weekly or at your convenience.