Magic show for schools

“A Dream Come True!” – Educational and Original Children’s Play

The inspiring story of a child with a dream who never gave up.

“Hi there, my name is Guy. When I was a little boy I dreamed of being a magician. What would you like to be when you’re big? What do you dream about? Come and join me on a journey into the land of dreams through the eyes of a seven year old boy, wandering back and forth between reality and fantasy.”

Many children suffer from social exclusion, seemingly for no reason, merely at the hurtful whim of other children. This personal story of a little boy named Guy can show them how to deal with this painful problem.

Everyone has some inner talent, even if they haven’t yet discovered what it is. How do we tap into that talent? How can a child be different or “other”, yet still be socially acceptable and popular with his peers? What does “willpower” really mean? How can we encourage and motivate a child to realize his potential within his social group? A Dream Come True! sets out to answer all these questions and more in a moving personal tale, full of joy, hope and perseverance, with song, original music and magic to complete the picture.

Author: Guy Bracha
Editing & Language: Nava Libman
Direction: Ofer Shalchin
Music Production: Yaron Banner
Set Decoration: Guy Feldman

• The show is 50 minutes long and suitable only for indoor venues.
• One-man play.
• Suitable for kindergarten age up to 3rd grade (ages 4-9).
• Awarded the Culture for Israel standard 2013 and Art for the People standard 2008.
• Click on the Gallery button above (video gallery), to watch excerpts from the show.
• This show is performed only in Hebrew.

The Story
Guy is a boy who for no clear reason is not popular with his friends. His greatest dream is for other children to like and accept him and stop teasing and bullying him. One day he happens to go into a magic store, where he meets the great magician Magnifico. Guy is fascinated and for the first time feels he can hope and dream. Magnifico teaches him that everyone has a dream and if we only believe and want it badly enough we can all make our dream come true. Guy decides there and then that he wants to be a magician and prove to everyone that he is as clever and talented as all the other children, if not more so! Then they will like him and want to be his friends. He puts his heart and soul into his new-found passion – magic. It’s not easy but he is determined and never loses heart. With Magnifico’s help, he is finally able to put on a magic show for his school friends. It’s a huge success and they love it! Guy has made his dream come true and the results speak for themselves – he is popular and has lots of friends. The story and the play end on a note of confidence, pride and triumph. Guy is now one of the most popular kids in the class!