Brit Mila and Baby Parties

Congratulations – you have a beautiful new baby!
Every new birth is a miracle and of course you want your celebration to be just perfect. That’s where Guy the Magician comes in – to help keep your family and friends happy and entertained as you share your joyful event.

At the start of the party, Guy will mingle among children and adult guests for an hour, twisting brightly colored balloons into weird and wonderful shapes. Then he will gather up all the children in a designated corner for another hour, laying on a special magic show, including: magic with humor, music, a live goldfish, making a child levitate in mid-air like Superman and making the most of his large selection of colorful stage props. Guy calls on the children for active participation and keeps them busy and laughing throughout. Suitable for a wide age range of 4-12.

• Click on the Gallery button (video gallery) above, to watch excerpts from the show.
• The show includes impressive stage props and a professional amplification system.