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Birthday Parties

Celebrating a birthday? Or better still – is your beloved child begging for a magician at his party? Wouldn’t you just love to give your child a really unforgettable day, something so special that he and all his friends will talk about it for years to come? You’ve come to the right place!

Guy the Magician has over 20 – that’s over t-w-e-n-t-y! – years of experience in organizing and producing some of the best and most memorable birthday parties ever.Guy’s two-hour birthday program is action packed and suited to ages 5 and over. Guy takes care to arrive half an hour ahead of the children, so he has the time and opportunity to meet and connect with the birthday child. By the time all the kids arrive the ice is already broken! As soon as everyone is assembled the magic begins, accompanied throughout by original music. The show lasts about an hour and children watch entranced as flowers, handkerchiefs and even a live goldfish magically appear as if from nowhere. Of course the birthday child keeps the goldfish as a gift at the end of the show….

No spectacle would be complete without the drama of fire and this is no exception – all of course safely controlled and posing no risk at all. The children have great fun playing an active role and helping Guy perform some of the tricks and laughter is guaranteed all the way!

The high point of Guy’s show is making the birthday celebrant levitate in the air, just like Superman! (See the sample on the Gallery button above.)

Guy’s special attention to the birthday child extends to turning him into a magician too. There is never any doubt about who is the star of the show on this special day.

At the end of the magic show the children break for refreshments, followed immediately by the important birthday cake ceremony, including lighting the candles, singing and lifting the child high in his chair.

And the fun isn’t over yet. The second half of the program sees the children dancing in a lively game that ends with every child receiving a prize (provided by Guy, of course). Just before the end of party, Guy inflates multi-colored balloons into fantasy shapes for all the children, with popular, upbeat music mirroring their enjoyment.

At last it’s time for the children to go home, tired, happy and thrilled with their experience – but beware! There may be a price to pay as every child tells his parents: “Mommy! Daddy! I want Guy at my next birthday party too!” All that’s left for you, the parents, to do is prepare and decorate the room, supply party food and a cake – and phone Guy the Magician quickly, to be of securing the date!

You’d better believe it – thousands of children can’t be wrong!

• Click on the Gallery button (video gallery) above, to watch excerpts from the magic show.
• Guy arrives at a party with set decorations and professional amplification equipment.
• Birthday parties work best in an enclosed indoor space (a standard apartment is fine).
• Guy offers a special program for 3rd to 5th graders.
• Guy has many years’ experience of entertaining special needs children (and adults), as well as audiences with a variety of development or behavioral problems.