Operator כםר Barmitzva

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

For this once-in-a-lifetime event, best entrust an experienced professional with something as important as entertainment. Guy’s special bar or bat mitzvah show holds his audience’s attention throughout the evening.

The program is divided into two parts:
For the earlier part of the evening, during the reception, Guy walks among the guests for about an hour and a half, entertaining them with close-up, one-on-one magic tricks, surprising them with cards, telepathy, telekinesis (moving objects with his mind), mind-reading and many other ways of keeping guests amused, wide-eyed and entertained. This can take place at the bar, around the tables or just informally mingling – the choice is yours.

Time out for the main course to be served, blessings to be made and speeches to be delivered before Guy continues with the second and main part of his show, focusing primarily on mentalism and telepathy. Some 40 minutes of full family and audience participation keep the bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl in the spotlight. Together with them Guy performs original personalized sections, uniquely designed for their special evening, involving photos of the child and other surprises that can’t be revealed here…

• Click on the Gallery button (video gallery) above, to watch excerpts of a bar or bat mitzvah show.
• One important clarification: Guy is not a DJ and does not provide music amplification service for bar/bat mitzvah events.