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  • Throwing a birthday party?

    Guy the Magician’s unique birthday program will be the hottest topic in school, while also boosting your child’s confidence! He will become a magician himself, helping Guy and performing alongside him in this rich and exciting magic show. Pyrotechnics, original music and the appearance of a real goldfish will culminate in the birthday child levitating in the air, just like Superman!
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

    best entrust such an important, once-in-a-lifetime event to an experienced professional. See your guests’ wide-eyed reaction to Guy’s telepathy, telekinesis and mind-reading, and enjoy watching the spotlight focus on the bar/bat mitzvah celebrant.
  • Magic and Beyond

    a stage magic show for the whole family! Best suited to shopping malls, large-scale stages, community centers, team building events, fun days for children of company employees – and more. Packed with special effects, pyrotechnics and exciting stage equipment.
Birthdays Magician

Birthday Parties

Celebrating a birthday?  You’ve come to the right place! Guy the Magician has over 20  years of experience in organizing and producing some of the best and most memorable birthday parties ever.
Magic Workshop

“Magic and Beyond” 

Magic and Beyond is Guy’s flagship program, providing entertainment for the whole family. The show is packed with original and unique magic and illusions, featuring a live goldfish, pyrotechnics and special effects.
Bar and Bat Mitzva Magician

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

For this once-in-a-lifetime event, best entrust an experienced professional with something as important as entertainment. Guy’s special bar or bat mitzvah show holds his audience’s attention throughout the evening.
Children magician

Magic Workshops 

Come to Guy the Magician to enjoy a super-exciting workshop and learn all about magic! The hour-long workshop is suitable for children over the age of 5. Using everyday materials available in every home. Guy teaches the children the same magic tricks he demonstrated on the Children’s TV Channel.
Magic show

“A Dream Come True!” 

Educational and Original Children’s Play- Everyone has some inner talent, even if they haven’t yet discovered what it is. How do we tap into that talent? What does “willpower” really mean? A Dream Come True! sets out to answer all these questions and more in a moving personal tale
Magician for Brit

Brit Mila and Baby Parties

Congratulations – you have a beautiful new baby! Every new birth is a miracle and of course you want your celebration to be just perfect. That’s where Guy the Magician comes in – to help keep your family and friends happy and entertained as you share your joyful event.
Children Magician

Guy with Tzipi Shavit

14 בDecember 2014

Magician for Porim events

“Magic and Beyond”

30 בOctober 2014

Guy Bracha Children Magician

Guy Bracha

30 בOctober 2014

Magician for Bar and bat mitzva

Bat Mitzvah

30 בOctober 2014

Magic Show

“A Dream Come True!”

30 בOctober 2014

Guy Bracha- Magician for every event!

Guy with Naftaly Benet

30 בOctober 2014

Attraction Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah

30 בOctober 2014

Birthdays Magician

Birthday Party

30 בOctober 2014

" You are the funniest magician i've ever met"

− Meni Peer

"I swear i didn't know....Amazing, absolutely amazing."

− Naftali Bennett, minister

"You know, I've seen a lot of magicians in my life and you are a very good one."

− Avi Benayahu, former Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson

"He is hot, pretty and talented by all definition."

− Tzipi Shavit, comedian and entertainer

"WOW, You blew me away!"

− Hanny Nahmias, singer, actress, television personality and children's star

What’s makes Guy the Magician, different from other magicians?

Professionalism & Experience

First, let me make it clear that I am a professional magician (and not an events organizer). Magic shows are my sole occupation and profession. I have dedicated myself to staging shows for over 20 years in all parts of Israel, and also overseas

Originality and Innovation

My shows are particularly known for originality and creativity. I have made a point of packing them full of excitement and innovative ideas, many of them the fruit of my own creativity. There is no “down time”. In my shows children will never be bored or yawn

Focus on the Child

Throughout the event the birthday child always gets my special, full attention. He (or she) – and not Guy the Magician – is unmistakably the star of the show. At the end of the day his self-image is boosted and all his peers take notice of him.


Educational Content

My shows are much more than a random selection of magic tricks. I pay great attention to building a really special experience for children, with the thoughtful (though barely noticeable) inclusion of enriching and educational content.